Exercise Thoughts I Believe

This list is at best littered with issues, and is very possible to have fatal flaws. They are in no real particular order. My thoughts will change over time, though it doesn’t mean this post will. Interested in knowing more or if my thoughts have changed? Ask!

1) Exercise is important in health outcomes.

2a) You can’t outrun a bad diet.

2b) The terms “outrun” and “bad” in (3a) are highly dependent on the individual and their goals, current health markers, family medical history, and more. This makes general advice not always practical outside of “eat a balanced diet and do some exercise?”

3a) Contrary to powerlifter beliefs, one does in fact need cardio.

3b) One can get away with reasonably lower impact cardio like decent length and brisk walks, elliptical, swimming, etc.

4a) Doing any kind of exercise is better than zero exercise.

4b) Sometimes the framing of the DHHS’s Physical Activity Recommendations is odd, but at least they now say “please do anything instead of nothing.”

5a) Many exercises can work for most people, especially if you allow for variations on those exercises.

5b) Technique is sort of important, but not as big of a deal as I first thought it was. Example: paralympic weightlifters generally cannot use leg drive for their bench press, yet still achieve amazing numbers.

6) More emphasis should be put into how to get people to do any sort of exercise over whether or not exercise is important at this point.