Workout Programming – Modified Barbell Medicine Strongman (Block II)

In this series:

A while ago I bought the Barbell Medicine Strongman Template to look at and try and work through. The template seems great and well thought out! Some new variations on exercises should be useful too.

Similar to Block I, I took the Block II schedule and made a few modifications. I’m making these simply to accommodate my schedule and what equipment I have a bit better. Here’s a mostly complete list of the changes:

  1. Dropped the loading workouts from Day 5 because I don’t have a great loading setup for them yet.

  2. Rearranged the days recommended for each setup. This is mainly due to scheduling and how much time I can put into a session each day.

Exercise List:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Fairly similar to last time, with some variations in exercises and techniques on each one. This time appears to emphasis less conditioning and a bit more intensity. We shall see how it goes!