Writing on Mobile

I'm attempting to write this entry in Chrome on mobile. I have a fairly stock version of Android and generally use Firefox. I found the editor didn't work super well there. So I'm trying out Chrome.

I've written about this before, but some features I really want from Writefreely are:

  1. A reasonably good mobile experience. I'm not always at a desktop or laptop, but have more than 500-ish characters worth of junk to write. Reasonably good means handling typical Markdown formatting well, inserting images not too complex in terms of placement, and no major glitches. Should work on the major browsers.

  2. A way to upload images. Just a local file upload. Nothing special! I can let nginx handle caching, rate limiting, and all of that. The UI has to make this visible and easy though.

  3. Interop with Markdown. Ideally in MD directly, though import/export to Markdown sounds reasonable as well. Mostly don't want to get stuck with a single format where I can't move it to later on.

So far Chrome seems to be working well! Wish it had worked this well in Firefox. Maybe there's a way to improve it.

Image uploading is missing though. A real bummer! Yet another thing to look into taking up.